Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update: Creating a Knowledge Management System & Virtual Office using Zoho Business

Over the last few weeks I've been building/creating a knowledge management system/virtual office utlizing Zoho Business. After experimenting with other workspace productivity and collaboration tools I have found that Zoho Business has some superb capabilities and more feature rich than most tools I've tried. So I've decided to make it a one- stop technology tool to utilize in my business - SMBOnline 360° - If you're interested in discussing this project or thinking about implementing something similar in your business, I'll be happy to share information with you. I envision that once this collaborative workspace is fully developed it can be utilized as a prototype for others to build out and customize their own company spaces using Z Business. Interested in finding out more?

P.S. - Here's a peek at the KM Central wiki.

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